LUC RIVEST: Painter Artist and Images and Colours Designer 

Born on September 29, 1960 at St-Côme,  in Lanaudière, Québec, Canada. From his  childhood, LUC RIVEST is inspired by the magnificence of his country and the so fantastic colours of the fall. 

In spite of a bad accident at four years old from which the tips of two of his fingers were cut, year after year, he developed his own technique. His writing just as his drawing soon becomes the signature of a perfectionist. 

His sensitiveness and his love for beauty are soon seen by his teachers and friends. His interests for arts grows and grows. Visual arts, specifics techniques of drawing, photography and painting were courses followed at the High school and College. Essentially LUC RIVEST is however a self-taught person who strongly believes that dreams are leading up to where a person wishes to go. 

Touched by the natural harmony of shapes and colours in  nature, he does not compromise when it is a question of expressing his unique personality through his arts and works. He likes to develop his own technique.

LUC RIVEST has now been painting continuously  for over fifteen years. With his very first work, he obtained from the Antoine Lacombe Art Gallery a first place award in a regional exposition of over sixty paintings shown to the public. Since then he has exibited in many  time different places throughout Québec and his own home studio.

L’Homme de Pierre, the Stone Man, is his creation. It is the result of more than five years of effort and very meticulous work. It is a very unique creation from the marriage of the natural colours of stone,  minerals, shapes of the body and the many possibilities of computerizing.


When one put his steps into thesteps of the Stone man, he could only feel amazed. Feel welcome.


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